Episode – Choose your Story – how to use and gain the resources?


Episode – Choose your Story is one of the best multi-player games that you can find in the market. The best thing about the game is that you can play a character in the stories of the game and even make your own stories as well. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. You can easily play narrate and read the stories of the game.

Things to do

There are a lot of features that you will get in the game. You can download it and enjoy the thrill of the game. Initially, in every game, their users face a lot of problems collecting the currency. If you are also playing the game for the first time, then you will have to keep in mind the following things so that you do not face any issues.

  • Passes are the most critical type of currency that the user needs to keep so that he can buy some things in Episode – Choose your Story. These passes are required to purchase most of the stuff in the game, so you need to have a lot of them with you. Even you can skip the intervals in the middle of the stories with these passes.
  • Another currency and significant one is the gems. So if you want to play the game in the best way, then you need to have the right amount of gems. The best way that you can pool these gems is playing as much as stories as you could. After completing every story, you will get a specific amount of gems so that you can use in the game.
  • Some people want to play the game but are unable to pool the resources can buy them from the store. If you are also facing these issues, then you can buy these gems and passes with the help of real money.

The points mentioned above will help you to play the game in the best way and have the required amount of resources as well.

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What are the benefits of the vertical climber?

The demand for the home workout machines is increasing day by day. There are many products available for us for the exercise and fat lose. A vertical climber is one of them it burns the belly fat from the body and gives the proper health. The good health is a need of everyone and people wants to stay fit and healthy. The best vertical climber tool has lots of new features for the exercises. At home, we have the golden opportunity to do heavy body workouts very easily and in different weathers.


The comfort is the most important part of any equipment that we use in daily life. Before buying a product, a person checks the product quality and comfort. There are many body workout machines on the market whether online or offline. The vertical climber also has various uses or types. With the best vertical climber device, you can take the benefits of the designs and softness. So if you are looking for the product for the home use then have the tool.

Folding of the machine

The best vertical climber has come with some unique feature. If a person needs space at home he/she can choose the climber. The machine can be folded and easy to carry at home. Most of the people are looking for a foldable product. So the device is really good to use.

Lower body development

The vertical climber is also called as a stair stepper. The stair stepper is good for the lower body parts. You can do the quads with the machine it is difficult to work hard with the tool. By the hard exercise, we get more lean and strong body parts. People love to make the body, and the bodybuilding is becoming the trend these days. If a person wants the well back then climbing, the workout is good g=for making the back strong and attractive.

Disease removal

The extra body fat is the reason for some dangers diseases. Most of the people have these problems then they choose the exercises to reduce the problems from the body. You have a lot of options for the workout. The weight loses machines are useful to those people who have the problems. The best vertical climber solves diabetes and heart-related issues. The high blood pressure creates the biggest challenge for the people and the cause of the machines the chance is less to have the problem.

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Learn everything about modes in Pixel Gun 3d

 Action games are fantastic, and the fun is increasing in many folds when the concept of fighting is also available in them. Under it many kinds of games are available, but Pixel Gun 3d is one of the best games. In its unique, exciting and enjoyable missions are available with modes. The game is also an incredible platform to play with friends and show skills. It is available on play store and app store free to play, but some items are purchasable from game currencies so by using Pixel Gun 3d Cheats. These whole purchasable items start from 70 rupees to 8,300 rupees per items.

Kinds of modes-

The modes are an essential part of Pixel Gun 3d, and in it many types of modes are available. Each mode is launched with different missions and features. The game is released with a total 16 unique modes. So today we will give you a complete guide about modes. If you want to get information, then read the article.

  1. Deathmatch Mode
  2. Battle Royale Mode
  3. Cooperative Modes
  4. Campaign Mode

These all are essential types of modes in Pixel Gun 3d which make the game accessible.

  1. Deathmatch Mode-

This mode an outstanding mode in the game and it is also called as a multiplayer mode. In this mode, you can play with your friends and show your unity. Up to 8 players are taking part in this mode.

  1. Battle Royal Mode-

The name shows you a mode which is full fill from battle. These battles give you preference to play unique battles and earn some rewards. With the help of this mode, you can collect some resources.

  1. Cooperative Modes-

In the cooperative modes, four players are able to play in missions. If you want to chat with friends and other players then in it chat option is also available.

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Mobile Legends- A Complete Guide

 In all over the world Mobile Legends is known as MOBA game for Android and IOS device. On the store, it is free to play, but some items are purchasable from real and virtual currencies. In November 2016 it is launched by popular studio Moonton. It is an incredible platform to show your skills and improve your decisions taking power. It is also a real-time strategy game in the mobile gaming world.  Here the company will give you easy controls which make the game easy for every group of age people.

  1. Things which make it famous- In the game, various kinds of things are available which make the game accessible. These things are also useful to attract the people. Here those some features information is available.
  • There are several types of modes are available with unique missions and battles.
  • The game is launched with higher graphics which will help you to experience the real action world.
  • In it, an online and offline mode is available means you can play the game with and without the internet.
  • Missions are also counted into a best feature to earn some rewards and boost the level.

As per that in the game, lots of features are available which make the game popular.

  1. Currencies- The game is launched with their virtual currencies. It is useful to purchase and update the resources and elements. In it two types of essential currencies are available.
  • Diamonds- It is a premium type of currencies for purchasing the things so if you want get more by getting Mobile Legends Hack.
  • Battle points- These are kinds of modes for taking part in the battles and unlock some excellent things.

These all are types of currencies in the Mobile Legends, and each is useful for different work and task.

  1. Tips and tricks- There are some tips and tricks are also available for playing the game in a proper way. We can also say that these features are useful to boost the level and performance.
  • Always use the currencies wisely because without it we are not applicable to play the game.
  • Complete the starting missions fast for earning a certain amount of rewards and resources.



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Simple things to do to help the homeless

We are in an age where we have hi-tech gadgets. We are into the social media to grab news but ignoring the real media. We are busy with our lives and wishing our life has been simpler. Even after getting so many things we demand more.

The ironic thing is that there are people lying around with shredded clothes who don’t even know what to ask for, shelter or food. And there we are wishing to have BMW or an iPhone. We all tend to ignore them just because they are not related to us. That, however, is inhumanity.

There are some who ignore while there are others who don’t know how they may be of any help to them. Here are some advice for you.

Treat them humanely

The first and foremost thing that you can do is to treat them humanely. One has to realize just because they don’t have money does not mean that they are not human. They do have a soul.

There are many who give harsh treatment to this homeless people. Some look into begging to get a piece of bread but there are people who curse them and blaming them not to get a job. However, the thing to realize it there is no one likes to be homeless or be starving.

There are reasons why they are lying their clothless and begging. Just a few dollars won’t be any harm to you but would be a great deal of them. Well, even if you are not ok with donating money just don’t curse them. Have sympathy for them, before they too were among you. Just that they had a great misfortune bestowed on them and they didn’t find any way out of it.


The next thing that you can do is to support them with a donation. The donation has not to be the only chances in their bucket. The donation can be anything depending on your personal choice.

  • Some believe that the changes can be the least that you can do, while some debate on actually providing some items. It would also be an asset to them for years.
  • Warm clothes in the winter can save them from dying because of the cold. You can look into seasonal clothes if the winter clothes are too much for you. You can give t-shirts or socks.
  • If you don’t like scattering money then you can provide occasional food to them. Or else you can supply them coupons of stores.

There is nothing as small and big in donating. You can do as much as your capability.

Volunteer and contribute

If you are disheartened by seeing them struggle then you can actually help them find a home. There are several NGOs that look to help the homeless. You can volunteer for them and contribute some of your busy time with them. This, however, may not give homes to all, but you will be at least satisfied that you are a cause for a better society.


People say that they feel broken to see homeless kids and elder but they don’t have time to make an effort to mend their broken heart. Don’t just say, just something for society.


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