Simple things to do to help the homeless

We are in an age where we have hi-tech gadgets. We are into the social media to grab news but ignoring the real media. We are busy with our lives and wishing our life has been simpler. Even after getting so many things we demand more.

The ironic thing is that there are people lying around with shredded clothes who don’t even know what to ask for, shelter or food. And there we are wishing to have BMW or an iPhone. We all tend to ignore them just because they are not related to us. That, however, is inhumanity.

There are some who ignore while there are others who don’t know how they may be of any help to them. Here are some advice for you.

Treat them humanely

The first and foremost thing that you can do is to treat them humanely. One has to realize just because they don’t have money does not mean that they are not human. They do have a soul.

There are many who give harsh treatment to this homeless people. Some look into begging to get a piece of bread but there are people who curse them and blaming them not to get a job. However, the thing to realize it there is no one likes to be homeless or be starving.

There are reasons why they are lying their clothless and begging. Just a few dollars won’t be any harm to you but would be a great deal of them. Well, even if you are not ok with donating money just don’t curse them. Have sympathy for them, before they too were among you. Just that they had a great misfortune bestowed on them and they didn’t find any way out of it.


The next thing that you can do is to support them with a donation. The donation has not to be the only chances in their bucket. The donation can be anything depending on your personal choice.

  • Some believe that the changes can be the least that you can do, while some debate on actually providing some items. It would also be an asset to them for years.
  • Warm clothes in the winter can save them from dying because of the cold. You can look into seasonal clothes if the winter clothes are too much for you. You can give t-shirts or socks.
  • If you don’t like scattering money then you can provide occasional food to them. Or else you can supply them coupons of stores.

There is nothing as small and big in donating. You can do as much as your capability.

Volunteer and contribute

If you are disheartened by seeing them struggle then you can actually help them find a home. There are several NGOs that look to help the homeless. You can volunteer for them and contribute some of your busy time with them. This, however, may not give homes to all, but you will be at least satisfied that you are a cause for a better society.


People say that they feel broken to see homeless kids and elder but they don’t have time to make an effort to mend their broken heart. Don’t just say, just something for society.